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Why Your New “Partner” Isn’t Really Your Partner (Yet)

What does it mean when an IT solution provider signs up for a partner program? This simple question may be the greatest source of IT channel agita in the entire partner recruitment, enablement and on-boarding process.

Keep The Partner In Mind And You Won’t Go Wrong

Over my 25-year sales career, I’ve read dozens of books on how to become a better salesperson and communicator. “The Challenger Sale.” “The Little Red Book of Selling.” “The 25 Sales Habits of Highly Successful Salespeople.” Name the book; I’ve probably read it.

I certainly learned a lot from each and every one. But the best sales tip I ever received came from my father, and I’ve come to believe it’s really the only strategy you need to be a successful communicator. That is, approach every conversation with a full appreciation of the customer’s point of view. If you don’t view yourself or your product or service through the customer’s lens, you really have no chance of understanding his/her motivation.