Partner Communications

Extend your reach, streamline your delivery

Amplify the impact of your message with CRN’s channel expertise and unequaled reach.

Channel partners have more technology decisions to make, more vendors to choose from and more messages flooding their inboxes than ever before. Get above the noise by identifying the right recipients and targeting them with expertly crafted, customized channel communications.

The Channel Company’s communication solutions are powered by our unparalleled database of 150,000 North American solution provider organizations and more than 1.5 million individuals:

Get above the noise…

Winning the attention and loyalty of today’s constantly bombarded channel partners requires broader reach than any email blast can achieve. Effective communication means establishing multiple touchpoints at various levels of a partner organization, from the executive team to the sales managers out in the field, and delivering tailored, relevant content directly to these individuals. Get above the noise and streamline your partner communications with the vast reach and precise targeting of CRN’s messaging solutions.

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Why Choose The Channel Company?


Broad Reach

We reach an engaged, loyal following of leading solution providers.

Integrated Campaigns

Our multi-media network reaches your target audience through their preferred communication channel.

Flexible Advertising

We offer a diverse range of ad units to deliver your unique message effectively.

Maximized Results

We provide comprehensive campaign reporting to optimize your advertising campaigns.