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Channel Advocate - Issue 22 - February 2018

Spectre and Meltdown Spotlight Vendor Opportunity

New CRN survey highlights how well or poorly vendors responded in the wake of the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerability discovery.

Last month, we highlighted Intel's standout example as a vendor that is keeping the lines of communication open with its channel partners, making sure they're informed, educated and know what to expect next. Thanks to a recent poll and reporting series by CRN, we now know how other vendors are doing and the direct impact solution providers are feeling from the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities.

Channel Advocate - Issue 21 - January 2018

Spectre, Meltdown Issues Challenge Vendors To Keep The Channel Educated, Informed

Intel sets an example for vendors by keeping the lines of communication open with resellers and partners during times of crisis.

The discovery and disclosure of the Spectre and Meltdown processor design flaws rocked the IT world this past month and provided a critical test for vendors to see just how well they communicate with their resellers and channel partners.

Channel Advocate - Issue 20 - December 2017

Artificial Intelligence Is Getting Real: It's Time To Get Ready

Artificial intelligence is soaring in popularity and its already in place, in some form, in about half the companies today. CompTIA's research brief on Artificial Intelligence is an excellent primer with the latest information on the market size, market impact and the outlook for vendors and solution providers in the next few years.

Channel Advocate - Issue 19 - November 2017

5 Events that Made SD-WAN One of the Year's Top IT Stories

SD-WAN went from a low-cost MPLS replacement to a sophisticated way to solve several enterprise networking issues. IT vendors and telecom service providers have taken notice.

Software defined networking emerged as a huge topic for vendors and channel partners alike in 2017.

Channel Advocate - Issue 18 - October 2017

7 Steps to IoT Success

The Internet of Things market provides some new opportunities for channel partners and vendors to team up and provide new services and solutions.

Success in the IoT space will require vendors and channel partners to work more closely together than they ever have before. Solution providers will be critical enablers that help vendors take different technology pieces and put them together for customers as an end-to-end IoT solution.

Channel Advocate - Issue 17 - September 2017

Turning IoT Barriers Into Opportunities

Addressing the big reasons companies are hesitating to deploy IoT solutions can help solution providers get a foot in the door. The opportunities ahead in the Internet of Things market are huge, and the size of the IoT universe continues to expand.

Channel Advocate - Issue 16 - August 2017

Going Vertical

CompTIA's ChannelCon 2017 reminds solution providers to keep pursuing recurring revenue offerings in vertical industries.

Channel Advocate - Issue 15 - July 2017

3 Ways To Add Value: Services, Vertical Focus And Ecosystem Access

Solution providers are building their own offerings and connecting to broader ecosystems so they can be more than cloud middlemen.

Channel Advocate - Issue 14 - June 2017

Recurring Revenue and Higher Margin Services Boost Your CLV

With new services, channel partners can take a more strategic role and help increase the overall business each customer represents.

Is your best customer now going to be a customer for life?

Global Technology Distribution Council - Issue 5 - July 2017

From Sea to Summit: Meet the Emerging Cloud Leaders

At the GTDC’s 2017 Summit in San Francisco, Sept. 6-7, a special Channel to the Top session will be held specifically for cloud companies and other emerging vendors to:
  • Meet top distribution execs driving emerging services initiatives and programs
  • Ask questions on partnering with 11 leading distributors
  • Engage one-on-one during an exclusive networking session

Interested vendors should contact Andrea Salanco at asalanco@gtdc.org. Don’t miss out on this great event.