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Global Technology Distribution Council - Issue 4 - June 2017

Connect with the Top Brass

The GTDC Summit is your opportunity to directly engage 75+ leaders of technology distribution, top industry analysts, compelling panels and speakers and 100+ channel peers. Network with peers, hear the latest research on emerging market opportunities and discover how today’s technology leaders leverage distributors to accelerate growth.

Channel Advocate - Issue 13 - May 2017

Vendor M&A Leads to Channel Consolidation

The pressure to go big or go home brings a new sense of urgency to channel partners who are looking to remain a valued part of the technology supply chain.

The technology industry is growing fast; there's no doubt about that. And as it grows, vendors need to think about how changes to their businesses can reshape and influence their distributors and channel partners.

Global Technology Distribution Council - Issue 3 - May 2017

From Sea to Summit: Meet the Emerging Cloud Leaders

At the GTDC’s 2017 Summit in San Francisco, Sept. 6-7, a special Channel to the Top session will be held specifically for cloud companies and other emerging vendors to:

  • Meet top distribution execs driving emerging services initiatives and programs
  • Ask questions on partnering with 11 leading distributors
  • Engage one-on-one during an exclusive networking session

“It’s not only a great opportunity to meet decision-makers, it’s a means of getting key questions addressed, followed by deeper dives during the rest of our Summit,” said GTDC CEO Tim Curran. Interested vendors should contact Andrea Salanco at info@gtdc.org. Don’t miss out on this great event…

Global Technology Distribution Council - Issue 2 - April 2017

A World of Possibilities Awaits You

Global Technology Distribution Council (GTDC) members drive more than $130 billion in wholesale distributor product and service sales. GTDC membership allows you to capture up-to-the-minute industry knowledge, gain exposure to elite thought leaders in distribution, discover proven best practices, connect with colleagues and make new contacts.

Channel Advocate - Issue 12 - April 2017

Do you push or pull partners?

No doubt the economy is more forgiving than it was a year or two ago and most Strategic Service Providers are having more sales success.
But suppliers that are strategically looking for their SSP channel partners to bring on net new customers must decide if they are pushing hard enough as well as pulling the SSPs with incentives that are effective.

Channel Advocate - Issue 11 - March 2017

Understanding the Scale of the Partner's Journey Versus the Buyer's Journey

Influencing a decision has always been the goal of strategic marketing. More importantly, the fundamentals of marketing are based on the fact that doing so requires multiple touchpoints at different steps in the decision-making process. 

At its most basic form, brand advertising is the first step in the process. Its goal is to raise the awareness of the company to the point where in the future the decision-maker will recognize the brand and be at least open to considering it when it’s time to buy.

Global Technology Distribution Council - Issue 1 - March 2017

A Central Role in the Technology Market

The Global Technology Distribution Council (GTDC) is the source for industry insight and trends, backed by actual sales-out data of its members – representing more than $130 billion in wholesale distributor product and service sales worldwide. We help our members and vendors strengthen their partnerships and address industry-wide issues and opportunities. GTDC conferences and education programs bring together the leaders of distribution, the vendor community, channel analysts and database experts.

Channel Advocate - Issue 10 - February 2017

Thinking Through Your Channel Relationships

Depending on where you, as a vendor, are on the totem pole of significance, should determine how you evaluate the importance of solution provider relationships.

Channel Advocate - Issue 9 - January 2017

Where is MDF headed?

We all know the world is changing and technology is the catalyst. Every business is a technical business. Every device we interface with is either networked or will be in the future.

Channel Advocate - Issue 8 - December 2016

Prepare for the Rise of Application-Centric IT

As we close out 2016 and look to the coming year, we see a cloud industry on the cusp of delivering what has long been a holy grail for enterprise customers: truly application-centric IT.

Developers who write applications for large companies don't care about what's under the hood. What matters to them is swift and successful delivery of the application. They want to build collaboratively, deploy rapidly, manage seamlessly, and retract harmlessly. What they could live without is standing up infrastructure, whether physical or virtual.