CRN Online Display Ads


Digital Marketing for the IT Channel is the dominant digital network serving the IT channel, providing essential news, analysis and thought leadership that attracts more than 700,000 unique visitors and an average of 3 million page views each month.

This deep connection to the solution provider community creates powerful digital marketing opportunities, including an extensive portfolio of CRN online display ads that boost brand awareness and propel your IT channel marketing strategy.


From CRN Smartphone and the tablet app to expandable desktop leaderboards and attention-grabbing custom curtains, our wide range of online display ads can deliver your IT marketing message on all the leading digital platforms.

Digital Marketing Opportunities Include:

Classic Online Display Ads

  • Leaderboard (Top of page) - 728x90
  • Anchor (Bottom of page) -  728x90
  • Interactive Marketing Unit (IMU) - 336x280
  • Skyscraper - 125x600 or 160x600
  • Tile - 125x125
  • Text Links – 70 characters


Expandable Banners

These rich media experiences are designed to grab the eye immediately and expand when moused over. They are served throughout for maximum visibility and have an interaction rate of 20-25%.

  • Expandable Leaderboard (Top of page) - 728x90 expands to 728x300
  • Expandable Skyscraper - 160x600 expands to 400x600
  • Expanded Interactive Marketing Unit (IMU) - 336x280 expands to 640x480
  • Expanded Tile - 125x125 expands to 640x480


Custom Curtains

These eye-catching, 125x600 or 160x600 specialty ad units flank the page and immediately capture visitors’ attention, making them ideal for “big splash” IT channel marketing campaigns such as product launches and partner program announcements.

  • Served on the Home Page or News Section
  • 25,000 Guaranteed Impressions
  • 100% Share of Voice


Ribbon Ad

This horizontal, high-impact bar remains fixed on the page as the user scrolls. When clicked on, the 980x40 ribbon expands to reveal your 640x480 creative.

  • Average Interaction Rate: 2-3%
  • 250,000 Guaranteed Impressions
  • 100% Share of Voice


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Partners are constantly on the lookout for new solutions, informing themselves on a regular basis through a variety of digital, print and human resources. You can tap into this constant flow of opportunity by making your brand and contribution to the channel visible at any time and place a solution provider might be looking. Heighten channel awareness of your unique value with a targeted CRN digital marketing campaign. 

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Broad Reach

We reach an engaged, loyal following of leading solution providers.

Integrated Campaigns

Our multi-media network reaches your target audience through their preferred communication channel.

Flexible Advertising

We offer a diverse range of ad units to deliver your unique message effectively.

Maximized Results

We provide comprehensive campaign reporting to optimize your advertising campaigns.