CRN Account Based Marketing

Finely Targeted Email Marketing for the IT Channel

Account Based Email Marketing

Dive deep into key partner accounts, capture new partner mindshare, and augment your existing partner communications through CRN’s exclusive Account-Based Marketing (ABM) program.

The network’s newest sponsorship opportunity leverages the current, cutting-edge marketing approach of ABM to find, engage and nurture decision-makers at pre-defined accounts. Our CRN Perspectives program includes custom email marketing that homes in on selected partners and deliver tailored messages directly to them.

A perfect storm of incomplete partner databases, declining email open rates, difficult-to-navigate partner portals and unprecedented competition for partner mindshare has made communicating with partners–even strategic ones–increasingly difficult. Gain a competitive edge with the brand power, reach and precision targeting of a CRN Perspectives Account-Based email marketing program.

CRN Perspectives Custom Email

CRN Perspectives is a monthly email crafted around your messaging and customized for a specific group of partner recipients. Each installment combines your brand perspective with carefully selected CRN news coverage and content curated from around the Web.

Choose your targeting method—provide your own partner list or simply define your audience and allow us to build a list of contacts from our extensive solution provider database.

Your Custom Email Marketing Package Includes:

  • 9 total CRN Perspectives emails per quarter:

1 per month to each of 3 account list segments—Executives, Sales and Marketing Managers, and Tech Specialists

  • News stories about your company and technology category from CRN and around the Web
  • Your own news, updates and other content contributions 


Drive deeper partner engagement with CRN Account Based Marketing.


Get above the noise…

Winning the attention and loyalty of today’s constantly bombarded channel partners requires broader reach than any email blast can achieve. Effective communication means establishing multiple touchpoints at various levels of a partner organization, from the executive team to the sales managers out in the field, and delivering tailored, relevant content directly to these individuals. Get above the noise and streamline your email marketing with the vast reach and precise targeting of CRN’s Account-Based Marketing program.

Learn More About the Partner’s Journey

In a recent email marketing project for a top five global technology supplier, CRN revived communications with 40% of the partners that the supplier had long presumed to be “dead” accounts.

Why Choose The Channel Company?


Broad Reach

We reach an engaged, loyal following of leading solution providers.

Integrated Campaigns

Our multi-media network reaches your target audience through their preferred communication channel.

Flexible Advertising

We offer a diverse range of ad units to deliver your unique message effectively.

Maximized Results

We provide comprehensive campaign reporting to optimize your advertising campaigns.