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The Art of Being Brief: 10 Tips for Success

The Brief Lab lead instructor – and MES Fall speaker Charley Thornton – explains the importance of brevity…and where so many IT executives fall short.

Midmarket Firms Need To Move To Customer-Centric Communications

This interview with “All About Them” author Bruce Turkel recently appeared on the National Center for the Middle Market web site. Below is an abbreviated version of the interview conducted by writer Chuck Leddy. Click on this link to read the entire interview Bruce Turkel interview.  Through the research he conducted for his book and his 33 years running Turkel Brands, Turkel has helped  companies move from company-centric marketing to customer-centric communication. Turkel strongly believes that companies which understand, and best connect with, the emotional needs of customers will gain a huge competitive advantage.

Why Every IT Leader Needs To Be A Great Story Teller

Attendees at the Midsize Enterprise Summit Fall Conference in Austin were treated to an engaging keynote presentation on Sunday by Jason Allen Ashlock, master story teller and founding partner of Frontier Press, the next-generation publishing unit of The Frontier Project.

Ashlock teaches corporate and celebrity clients around the world how to effectively tell their stories to achieve a better connection with target audiences.

The CIO As Storyteller: Why Communication Is The Essential Skill

The Midsize Enterprise Summit has announced that acclaimed storyteller and new age media executive Jason Allen Ashlock will deliver the opening keynote at this fall’s Midsize Enterprise Summit. Ashlock’s keynote scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 18, will help CIOs become more effective communicators at this critical industry juncture.