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It's Time to Pay More Attention to the Information Side of IT

MES IT Security Board member Anh Tran believes it is time for midmarket leaders to put more focus on the information aspect of IT.

In today’s IT-centric world, midmarket leaders from all backgrounds tend to place more of an emphasis on the “T,” which stands for technology, rather than the “I,” information.

Midmarket IT Leaders Face Big Challenges

IT leaders of midmarket organizations face a wide range of issues but funding, time and staff are the top three challenges preventing them from executing their IT vision.

Those are tops among a wide range of findings from the industry’s most definitive study of IT leaders at midsize firms. The study is conducted twice a year at the Midsize Enterprise Summit as part of a collaborative effort with Gartner’s SMB team.

Midmarket CIOs Need An IoT Security Strategy In Wake Of Dyn Attack

IT professional Roger Mitan of BlueBridge Networks shares lessons learned from the Dyn attack where nearly 100,000 IoT devices were hijacked due to unpatched vulnerabilities and default admin credentials existing on these devices. He shares what IT leaders can do to prevent future attacks.

AlienVault CEO Says IT Leaders Must Go On The Offensive To Fight Cyberattacks

In the wake of numerous high-profile cybersecurity attacks against big business and government entities, AlienVault President and CEO Barmak Meftah told hundreds of CIO and IT leaders at the recent Midsize Enterprise Summit Fall conference that a good security defense also needs a good offense.

While the majority of IT leaders spend most of their security budget and staff attention on prevention measures, the reality is that hackers can usually find a way in if they are persistent.

Top Data Security Requirements For The Midmarket

When it comes to IT security, the size of a company does not matter to hackers. Cybersecurity attacks have happened to high profile corporations and government entities just as they have happened to midsize companies. Even IT security firms are not immune to attacks having been hacked in recent years.

Fortinet: Today’s Borderless IT Environment Requires New Cybersecurity Measures

In speaking at the Midwest Enterprise Summit Fall Conference about the state of the IT security industry, Joe Sykora, Vice President of Americas Channels & Enhanced Technologies for cybersecurity security vendor Fortinet, described it as “a new world, with new rules and no compromises.”

During his keynote address on Monday, Sykora talked about the rise in cybersecurity crimes in recent years that have been making news headlines around the world.

Security Expert Marc Goodman On Why Everyone Is Vulnerable And What We Can Do About It

Marc Goodman is one of the nation’s leading experts on global security and author of a best-selling book. He is a keynote speaker for the upcoming NexGen Cloud Conference & Expo which, like the Midsize Enterprise Summit, is operated by The Channel Co. We asked Goodman if he would share some of his insights via excerpts from his Future Crimes which delves inside the digital underground and the battle for our connected world.

Below is an excerpt from Chapter One of Goodman’s book.

Mimecast Targets Midmarket Security Threats With New Solution

Cyberthreats against corporations are constant and evolving. Even the most security-conscious can leave the tiniest opening that is enough to let the worst criminals gain access. And it just takes one vulnerability to bring a business, and its reputation, down. According to a recent report, Trojans continued to be the main source of malware (51.5%), beating out the venerable crew of viruses (23%), worms (13%), PUPs (11%), and spyware (2%).