Think You've Got It Figured Out? Think Again!

Ever find yourself quoting the immortal philosopher Curly Howard, “I’m Tryin’ to Think, But Nothin’ Happens”?

You might be thinking the wrong way.

The Art of Being Brief: 10 Tips for Success

The Brief Lab lead instructor – and MES Fall speaker Charley Thornton – explains the importance of brevity…and where so many IT executives fall short.

To Change Culture, Don’t Make A Project Out Of It

We were working with the leadership team of a company a while back to help them gain company-wide performance improvement by strategically boosting their workplace culture. During the day we spent with them, they became very excited about our unwritten ground rules or UGRs concept as a vehicle to help people understand and improve their culture.

Identify, Nurture Future Managers: My Formula For Success

Over the past three decades, I have promoted scores of individuals into management positions--often with disappointing results in the early years, despite a seemingly rigorous selection process.

Five Behaviors Holding You Back In Your Career

Editor’s Note: This blog by John Boitnott was recently posted on the Business Insider web site and was referenced on numerous sites include where we found it.  We are sharing with this with our Midsize Enterprise Summit audience to help you improve your career prospects. You can find the original article here Business Insider blog on negative behaviors holding you back

Leadership Advice: Part Ways With Good Performers Who Are Toxic

For IT leaders facing difficult performance issues with employees, Charlies Firlotte, CEO of Aquarion Corp. has some strategic advice. Based on his years of experience dealing with top performers who just do not fit the culture, he warns against the danger of procrastinating.

A Game Plan For Winning At Life

At this year’s Midsize Enterprise Summit Fall in Austin, Daron Roberts will deliver the Monday afternoon inspirational keynote for the conference’s assembled IT leaders. Roberts speaks on the intersection of leadership, sports and business.

How To Become A Superboss, Tips From Author Sydney Finkelstein

The National Center for the Middle Market recently published an interview with author and leadership guru Sydney Finkelstein. His most recent book,  Superbosses, details individuals who are unusually skilled at identifying and developing talent. The 18 exceptional leaders Finkelstein describes in Superbosses include fashion mogul Ralph Lauren, marketing maven Jay Chiat, technology empire-builder Larry Ellison, NFL coaching legend Bill Walsh, and more.

The CIO Role In Driving Digital Transformation

Digital transformation represents the next stage of business maturity which will optimize how the enterprise works and interacts with its ecosystem, with the customer at the center of its focus, and how the business is always on, because employees can get work done from anywhere, anytime, with the right information to make the right decisions