Think You've Got It Figured Out? Think Again!

Ever find yourself quoting the immortal philosopher Curly Howard, “I’m Tryin’ to Think, But Nothin’ Happens”?

You might be thinking the wrong way.

Identify, Nurture Future Managers: My Formula For Success

Over the past three decades, I have promoted scores of individuals into management positions--often with disappointing results in the early years, despite a seemingly rigorous selection process.

The Content Trap: An Expert’s Guide to Digital Change

The National Center for the Midmarket recently posted an interview with Bharat Anand, a Harvard Business School professor and advisor to leading global companies.  Anand’s just-released book, "The Content Trap: A Strategist’s Guide to Digital Change," offers lessons for any middle market company navigating digital transformation. He fervently believes that connections and user-centrism will define business success in our digital age, not products

How To Become A Superboss, Tips From Author Sydney Finkelstein

The National Center for the Middle Market recently published an interview with author and leadership guru Sydney Finkelstein. His most recent book,  Superbosses, details individuals who are unusually skilled at identifying and developing talent. The 18 exceptional leaders Finkelstein describes in Superbosses include fashion mogul Ralph Lauren, marketing maven Jay Chiat, technology empire-builder Larry Ellison, NFL coaching legend Bill Walsh, and more.