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Identify, Nurture Future Managers: My Formula For Success

Over the past three decades, I have promoted scores of individuals into management positions--often with disappointing results in the early years, despite a seemingly rigorous selection process.

Prepare Now For The Future WorkPlace: A Midmarket Guide

This interview with “The Future Workplace Experience” co-author Jeanne Meister recently appeared on the National Center for the Middle Market web site. Below is an abbreviated version of the interview conducted by writer Chuck Leddy. Read the entire Future of Work interview with Jeanne Meister. Today’s middle market workplace is changing rapidly, as technology and the composition of the workforce continue to evolve. Baby Boomers are moving into retirement; millennials are now the largest generational cohort in the labor force; digital technology is enabling more remote working and changing the way middle market companies recruit, hire, and engage their employees.

How To Build Trust And Loyalty In A Digital World

The Midsize Enterprise Summit announced that James Kane, one of the world’s foremost experts on building trust and loyalty in the digital age will open this year’s MES Spring Conference scheduled to be held April 30-May 2, 2017, in Nashville, Tenn.

Kane, a behavioral scientist and consultant, has helped some of the largest and most well-known organizations in the world, including Apple, Marriott Hotels and Major League Baseball build unbreakable relationships with customers, members, fans, volunteers, vendors, sponsors and employees.

Influence Pioneer Discusses How Midmarket IT Leaders Can Be More Persuasive

The National Center for the Middle Market recently published an interview with author Robert Cialdini on the art and science of persuasion and influence. These skills are certainly important for any executive but of particular use to midmarket CIOs who must work closely with their company business leaders, partners and suppliers. Below is the interview Chuck Leddy conducted with Cialdini. We edited the interview but you can read the entire blog here.

How To Become A Superboss, Tips From Author Sydney Finkelstein

The National Center for the Middle Market recently published an interview with author and leadership guru Sydney Finkelstein. His most recent book,  Superbosses, details individuals who are unusually skilled at identifying and developing talent. The 18 exceptional leaders Finkelstein describes in Superbosses include fashion mogul Ralph Lauren, marketing maven Jay Chiat, technology empire-builder Larry Ellison, NFL coaching legend Bill Walsh, and more.

The Other 1 Percent: Midmarket Businesses A Powerful U.S. Economic Engine

Hear about the 1 percent lately? No, we’re not referring to the super-wealthy class of Wall Street financiers or investors. There is another 1 percent very active out there  a group that has a vast, important and healthy influence on our world.

Five Ways Every IT Leader Can Be More Innovative

As Jim Noble, co-founder and CEO of The Advisory Council, told the crowd of CIOs gathered at the recent Midsize Enterprise Summit East, there is a saying among golfers: Better a lucky golfer than a good one. And in golf as well as in IT, you want to make your own luck.