In July of this year, I will have worked for 45 years.  I’ve spent my entire working career focused on technology.  And how technology has changed -from batch processing of cards to real time systems to standalone PC’s to client server to e-commerce to today’s mobile, cloud, big data, and internet of things. 

In those 45 years, cars have changed, houses have changed and the food we eat has changed. Even the way we dress has changed--who wears a suit and tie to work every day like I did in the 70’s, 80’s and the 90’s. Anyone remember casual Friday? 

Through all of those changes the constant was people.

In the 70’s and the 80’s the client and customer were always most important.  If the employee had to sacrifice to satisfy the customer, it was never questioned. 

The pendulum started to swing in the 90’s and the courageous began to ask if we treat our employees as No. 1 won’t the clients and customers receive products and service exceeding their expectations.

I have always believed that the people we work with need to know we care about them. Care breeds trust which builds teams with a unique spirit and members who can’t wait to follow their leader.

But I like to know care by another name.  Love. Some would find using the word love in a business environment uncomfortable or inappropriate, but I don’t hesitate to tell the members of my team that I love them.  What better way to demonstrate how much you care and let them know you have their back and best interest at heart.

Try it sometime and I think you will be surprised at the reaction and the results.

Richard Hensely is the vice president and CIO of Messer Construction Co. in Cincinnati, Ohio. Prior to that he was the CIO of Duro Bag Manufacturing and spent more than a decade at Arthur Andersen. He serves on Miami University’s Advisory Council Executive Committee for Computer Science & Systems Analysis.