On behalf of the entire Midsize Enterprise Summit team, we would like to wish all our readers a peaceful and joyful holiday season and a happy New Year. Our midmarket web site and newsletter reach today’s IT leaders from midsize enterprises along with IT suppliers and vendors across the high-tech spectrum. You have all been loyal readers supplying perspectives and input on how to make the midmarket a better place to work and to serve as the voice of this sector. Thank you all. We put together 10 wishes or resolutions for the coming year.

Among our wishes for you and the midmarket in 2017 are the following:

  1. You incur no security breaches in 2017;
  2. Your C-suite recognizes the role of IT in your company’s strategic direction;
  3. All, if not most, tech suppliers and vendors will approach their midmarket clients as partners not sales opportunities;
  4. We hope all IT leaders receives an influx of bright new staff members and is able to retain their key employees throughout the year;
  5. Here’s to wish that all IT projects finish on time and under budget;
  6. A seat at the table for senior IT leaders and CIOs so their voices are heard on business issues;
  7. Your budgets grow at least commensurate with Gartner’s project of at least percent year over year growth;
  8. You make plans to attend at least one Midsize Enterprise Summit Conference in 2017. Here the MES Conference Information & Registration Link
  9. That Gartner’s research helps you make the right decision for your IT strategy and implementation not to mention your company’s growth or profitability;
  10. That you remember your influence counts so use it—let your voice be heard on what is important for the leaders or today’s midsize enterprises.

Thank you all for your support and readership throughout the year. We promise to make the MES web site and newsletter even better in 2017. A special thanks to MES Event Director Carolyn Herr for her contributions to our 2017 wish list.