As today’s global IT ecosystem becomes more internet-centric, there is a growing need for companies like ThousandEyes that can monitor apps and networks in the cloud while serving as an operational connection between the enterprise and the cloud.

With more enterprises adopting a multi-vendor, hybrid architecture and moving their apps from the data center to the cloud, ThousandEyes offers what it calls a “network intelligence” platform. It is designed to monitor and provide data on the performance of critical applications and services, from the point of hosting origin to the end-user.

ThousandEyes’ innovative networking management technology has been recognized as an innovative new approach by Gartner, several tech publications and other analyst firms since its founding in 2010. Using its performance analytics to monitor the enterprise network into the public internet, the company claims its products connect previously disparate pieces of information and provide unparalleled network visibility and accurate diagnosis of any problems for prompt resolution.

“We provide leading-edge network monitoring and powerful network visualizations for intelligence which is crucial to success in today’s world of new WAN and cloud architectures,” said Mohit Lad, co-founder and CEO of ThousandEyes. We caught up with Lad and the ThousandEyes solution at the recent Midsize Enterprise Summit.

By providing such network visibility, ThousandEyes’ customers and channel partners are able to see beyond their own perimeter and to identify problem spots when and if they occur along the network path. In the event of a network failure, ThousandEyes makes it possible for everyone to gather information about the source of the problem, the scope, and what is needed to resolve it.

“Many companies today rely on the internet to serve their customers and make them happy,” said Lad. “If something goes wrong in the network and it causes service disruption, it was usually followed by finger pointing and frustration but today we make it possible to focus on collaboration and prompt resolution instead.”

ThousandEyes allows customers to capture data and record details of an outage, configuration change, or any performance issues. In the event of a problem, companies can collaborate with their vendors and work from the same data to resolve problems more quickly. Among the services and capabilities offered by ThousandEyes are ISP troubleshooting, SaaS monitoring, voice monitoring, remote worker troubleshooting, and WAN and LAN monitoring.

“If AT&T has an outage, for example, we can help them identify which customers are affected and we can also help them identify the cause of the outage so it can be addressed as needed by the various parties involved for prompt customer service to keep customers happy,” said Lad.

When it comes to the needs of mid-market companies, Lad notes that most have fewer IT staff and technical resources available to them than large enterprises. They are also more likely to have a hybrid environment and to outsource and utilize third party partners for many IT functions.

 “We are a trusted advisor to both the enterprise and channel partners, and we work with both to make sure everyone has the right data to be able to do what they need to keep things running smoothly with the dynamic, hybrid network,” he said.  “All our services are designed to provide a range of valuable insight for companies looking to better manage their IT hybrid environment, especially when they migrate to the cloud and need the transition to go as smoothly as possible.”   

When an organization moves their IT off-premises, for instance, they may struggle to maintain service levels and having to rely on third-party networks they do not own or directly manage. ThousandEyes solves this through its visibility into end-to-end application delivery as well as monitoring the underlying public or private networks that can have an impact on performance.

ThousandEyes continues to see growing adoption among mid-market and Fortune 500 companies using the technology to monitor their infrastructure and providers. Meanwhile a growing number of cloud providers are using ThousandEyes to monitor and solve customer-side issues, the company said. It is proving to be a “win-win” scenario for both sides to have access to the same data and network intelligence for better collaboration and problem resolution to ensure optimal performance and high customer satisfaction.

Lad was named to the 2016 Top Midmarket IT Executives list announced in late September by the Midsize Enterprise Summit whose parent company is The Channel Co. Executives on the list were chosen by members of the MES advisory board and by numerous industry analysts and experts. The annual list honors influential vendor and solution provider executives who serve and support the IT needs of midmarket and midsize enterprise customers.

Janice Cain, MBA, is an award-winning marketing consultant and PR advisor who has been working extensively in the IT industry for more than 10 years with some of the world’s best known software and hardware companies. Follow her @1010_Marketing