2019 Presentations

The State Of Women In The Channel & Men As Allies
Lisa MacKenzie, Partner, Executive Vice President, The Channel Company
Executive Leadership Keynote: Leadership Lessons From The Classroom To The Boardroom
Sara Stiles, Chief of Staff, U.S. Sales and Marketing Group, Intel
Executive Leadership Keynote: Culturally Conscious Leadership
Carola Cazenave, Vice President, IBM N.A. Business Partner Ecosystem, IBM
Breakout Session: Emotional Intelligence And Brain Health
Bronwyn Hoffmann, MA, MST, PCC, Fortune 500 Consultant & Executive Coach
Breakout Session: Self-Promotion And A Growth Mindset: Increase Confidence & Performance
Natalie Eicher, Co-Founder & President, Mettacool, Molly Dewey, Co-Founder & CEO, Mettacool
Executive Leadership Keynote: Leading In The Matrix
Nichole Wiley-Marks, Vice President, Sales Operations, North America, Arrow
Executive Leadership Keynote: A Formula For Building A Lasting Career
Heather Barnes, Vice President Of Partner Channel, MarketStar
Executive Leadership Keynote: Curiosity, Grit Are The Keys To Career Satisfaction
Nicole Roskill, Executive Director, Global Channels, Lenovo