2019 Presentations

Tuesday, May 21
The State Of Women In The Channel: Today's Big Trends
Lisa MacKenzie, Partner, EVP, The Channel Company
Opening Keynote: Breaking Through: My Journey to Becoming the First Female NFL Official
Sarah Thomas, First Female NFL Official 
Wednesday, May 22
Unlock The Power Of Diversity And Inclusion
Michele Thornton Ghee, Executive, Author, Speaker, People Champion
Executive Leadership Strategies: The Accidental Yet On Purpose Path To Success
Kimberly Lasseter, Senior Director, Global Partner Marketing Program & Strategy, Dell Technologies
Breakout Session: Time Utilization: Time, Money, Energy--The Power Of Your Resources
Michele Thornton Ghee, Executive, Author, Speaker, People Champion
Breakout Session: The Eight C’s Of Communication
Leda Csanka, Independent Technology Consultant & Certified Professional Coach
Breakout Session: Rising From Intern To C-Suite In The Tech Industry
Sarika Garg, Chief Strategy Officer, Tradeshift
Breakout Session: The 7 Levels of Leadership
Christina Bassani, Managing Partner, UTC Partners

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