You Wanted Data. You Got Data. Now, What Do You Do With All of That Data?

Tammy BarrMES Advisory Board member Tammy Barr discusses how her struggle with data has evolved from figuring out where to find it to trying to get more of it to deciding how to analyze all of it.

Back in the day, companies wanted as much data as they could get, but didn’t know where to find it. Then they started getting measurable data, but still wanted more.

Midmarket CIOs Need To Master Big Data

We are flooded with an almost infinite number of data streams these days. From traditional sources such as registration and consumer purchasing platforms to social media feeds, tweets and Instagram updates, the amount of new data being created and disseminated is almost endless.

Must-Read Tech Stories For Midmarket IT Leaders: Security, Digital Transformation And IT Spending

Here at Midsize Enterprise Strategies we compiled some interesting stories for our midmarket IT leaders. We are always on the lookout for great content so if you find something interesting please forward the link to  Below are excerpts from the stories we curated for you and links to the full articles.

Big Data Vendors See IoT Opportunity, Pivot Tech And Message To Compete

Open source big data technologies like Hadoop have done much to begin the transformation of analytics. We're moving from expensive and specialist analytics teams towards an environment in which processes, workflows, and decision-making throughout an organization can--in theory at least--become usefully data-driven.

Capicua: When Customer Centric Goes To Next Level For Midsized Companies

Midsize Enterprise Strategies recently caught up with Ismael Larrosa, co-founder of Capicua Design and Development, a software outsourcing and offshoring company based in Uruguay.  The company’s approach is to optimize “the interactions between users and technology” with laser-focused IT solutions.