Three Keys To Change Every CIO Can Master

Dealing with change is easier said than done. No one knows that better than Larry Bonfante, a veteran CIO, with 35 years of experience in the IT industry. Bonfante recently posted the following blog on how leaders can cope with change.

The one thing in life that is constant is change. There are times in our lives when we choose change. Other times, change chooses us. In either case, we have to decide how we will deal with change. There are three basic approaches we can take to handling change.

Lessons In How To Career Pivot: From Private To Public Sector IT Leader

Ellen Christy’s LinkedIn tagline says everything you need to know about her IT philosophy. Below her name, it states she is a senior technology executive, helping companies translate their business goals into reality.

Next-Gen Researcher ETR Captures Tech Trends From CIO Purchase Patterns

If a CIO or IT leader wished they had a crystal ball to peer into the future to see what changes are on the horizon before making a major IT investment, they might want to check out the proprietary data being meticulously collected and analyzed by Enterprise Technology Research.  

What The CIO Really Thinks Of Today's Finance Leaders

he following blog was recently posted by SAP’s Thack Brown on the Huffington Post web site and contains an interesting dialogue between a finance leader and his company’s CIO. Since many midmarket IT leaders report to or work closely with their CFOs this blog will be of interest to the greater MES audience. Brown, the GM, Global Head of Line of Business Finance at SAP, sat down with SAP CIO Americas, Michael Golz, to hear Golz’s perspective on the evolving role of the CFO and the relationship between finance and technology leaders.

Union Pacific CIO Shares His Secrets For Keeping One Of America’s Oldest Institutions On The Cutting Edge

In his role as Co-Head of CIO Networks at Metis Strategy, Brian Watson works with many IT leaders to help them seize new strategic opportunities and conquer some of their biggest challenges.

As co-author of the book, Confessions of a Successful CIO, and as a long-time contributor to, Watson has collaborated with some of the most talented and agile IT leaders.

Gartner’s CIO 2030 Algorithm: Everything Is About To Change

In talking about how market changes will transform the CIO by 2030, Gartner Vice President of Research Heather Colella said, “Everything is about to change and everything IT does today will be transformed.”

Why Every IT Leader Needs To Be A Great Story Teller

Attendees at the Midsize Enterprise Summit Fall Conference in Austin were treated to an engaging keynote presentation on Sunday by Jason Allen Ashlock, master story teller and founding partner of Frontier Press, the next-generation publishing unit of The Frontier Project.

Ashlock teaches corporate and celebrity clients around the world how to effectively tell their stories to achieve a better connection with target audiences.

Simplivity Leader Maps Out IT Strategy To Simplify The Data Center

The Midsize Enterprise Summit 2016 kicked off in Austin on Sunday with a keynote presentation entitled, ‘Expand Your Possibilities, Not Your Data Center’, by Marty Sanders, Senior Vice President of the Americas for SimpliVity, a company that offers revolutionary and disruptive innovation designed to simplify the data center.

Future Peek: Geeks May Not Make The Best IT Leaders In The Future

As technology continues to become a utility that even young children understand, it’s my opinion that the CIO role no longer requires a hard-core technical background. I don’t see myself as an IT guy as much as I do a business technology person. Certainly, you have to have technology knowledge and a skill set, but so do most business executives in this day and age.

SAP’s Youthful CIO Looks Out With Millennial-Tinted Glasses

SAP’s Thomas Saueressig is one of the youngest CIOs of a major company anywhere in the world and brings a millennial viewpoint to his position. In a wide ranging interview with author and IT consultant Peter High, Saueressig discusses tech trends, his role and how IT is enabling business.