Change the Conversation with Midmarket Leaders

Mike CisekMidmarket CIOs want to discuss the business side of technology, not speeds and feeds or bits and bytes. Make sure you adjust your discussion with these folks accordingly.

You Wanted Data. You Got Data. Now, What Do You Do With All of That Data?

Tammy BarrMES Advisory Board member Tammy Barr discusses how her struggle with data has evolved from figuring out where to find it to trying to get more of it to deciding how to analyze all of it.

Back in the day, companies wanted as much data as they could get, but didn’t know where to find it. Then they started getting measurable data, but still wanted more.

The Midmarket Year in Review

Robert DeMarzo looks back at the midmarket trends that shaped 2017 and will impact the midsize enterprise in the coming year.

CIO Tackles IoT, Mobility and Security with MES Community

IT innovation, preparation proves even more crucial in the public sector, where end-users rely on you for daily needs. 

Internet of Things (IoT), mobility, security threats … are just a few of the trends rapidly driving innovation in the IT world, leaving CIOs and CTOs racing to keep up or be left in the dust.

Time And Money-Saving Meetings For Midsize Enterprise CIOs


The cost of one single-hour meeting with six managers or professional technical attendees ranges from $600 to $1,500. Add in the cost of facilities, and it is likely to be 25 percent higher. That’s just one hour, one time.

Before Meeting

As time is money, here are best practice suggestions for anyone leading or participating in the meeting. To start:

Financial Management For Midmarket IT Leaders: Understanding Working Capital Management

What could your organization do with an extra million (or more) in cash? You can probably think of a dozen or so answers right off the top of your head. And that’s without taking the time to investigate potential short- or long-term investment opportunities that could open up, if, in fact, you had that extra cash in hand.

Cybersecurity: A Byte Of Prevention Worth A Gigabyte Of Cure

It seems that the more things change in midsize enterprise security, the more they stay the same.

Midsize Enterprise CIO’s Budget: Make Every Penny Count

Hold on for more doom and gloom: This is the dreaded year when the chief marketing officer allegedly will have a larger actual information technology budget than the CIO, as Gartner gloomily predicted. Is this really the sea change many have predicted? Is the professional IT executive more of a junior partner in the C-suite, rather than an equal among colleagues?

Who Are You? Building Your Personal Brand

The average tenure a CIO is 6 ½ years, according to 2016 CIO Magazine survey.  So as you inevitably seek out your next position, be it by choice or necessity, the ability to clearly define and articulate your own personal brand is increasingly essential. Personal branding is a key element of  Larry Bonfante’s career coaching practice. Larry, a veteran CIO with 35 years of experience in the IT industry and a speaker at the upcoming Midsize Enterprise Summit Spring 2017, recently authored a blog on the importance of personal branding:

CIO Shares His Wisdom As He Pursues Next Chapter

After serving as the IT leader of The Arc Greater Twin Cities organization for nearly two decades, Paul Harder decided to write the next chapter of his career and life. Harder is now CEO of his own consulting firm, KBP Strategies, which focuses on training sales professionals. (He also served as an official with the USA Track & Field organization for many years, and was a longtime member of the Midsize Enterprise Strategies advisory board.) We caught up with Harder to ask him about his career, request advice for fellow CIOs, and discuss how he coped with change.