Every Business Has A Monopoly—What Is Yours?

A monopoly is simply an advantage you have for a temporary period of time.  You could be the only grocery store within a 10-mile radius or the only process consultant or the only financial consultant who is an Italian (not in New Jersey) that belongs in the local chamber of commerce. Think of yourself and your business.  There are unique things about you and your business that give you a monopoly. What is your monopoly and how are you taking advantage of it? 

County IT Leader Stares Down The Challenges Of Reshaping Government

Vennard Wright was recently named to the Midsize Enterprise Summit Board to serve as the voice of the midmarket. In his role he will also help to shape and guide the event’s content and direction.  Wright is currently the CIO for Prince George’s County Government and focused on transforming the management of information technology capabilities and services to support the county’s mission.

Midmarket CIOs Must Watch Millennials To See IT Trends

Cualit is an international digital marketing agency that specializes in mobile, e-commerce, Web and cloud services to clients. Its mission is to “provide fully integrated software solutions to deliver unique experiences for your customers,” as CEO Martin Perez Invidio explained, in a recent email interview.

Mimecast Targets Midmarket Security Threats With New Solution

Cyberthreats against corporations are constant and evolving. Even the most security-conscious can leave the tiniest opening that is enough to let the worst criminals gain access. And it just takes one vulnerability to bring a business, and its reputation, down. According to a recent report, Trojans continued to be the main source of malware (51.5%), beating out the venerable crew of viruses (23%), worms (13%), PUPs (11%), and spyware (2%).

The Other 1 Percent: Midmarket Businesses A Powerful U.S. Economic Engine

Hear about the 1 percent lately? No, we’re not referring to the super-wealthy class of Wall Street financiers or investors. There is another 1 percent very active out there  a group that has a vast, important and healthy influence on our world.

The CIO As Storyteller: Why Communication Is The Essential Skill

The Midsize Enterprise Summit has announced that acclaimed storyteller and new age media executive Jason Allen Ashlock will deliver the opening keynote at this fall’s Midsize Enterprise Summit. Ashlock’s keynote scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 18, will help CIOs become more effective communicators at this critical industry juncture.

The Mind of the Midmarket Business Owner

So you work for a midsize company.  All of us want to do better in our job.  There is a personal satisfaction from doing good work.  There is another component-–meeting the expectations of your boss.  In a midsize company, that’s usually the business owner unless it is a public company or it’s owned by a private equity group.  Would it be useful to get into the mind of the midmarket business owner?  Might that help you in your job?  Well, I found somebody who has personally owned 45 midmarket companies and has dealt with thousands of business owners.

Disaster Recovery Strategies For Midmarket Companies

Disaster recovery is on many "to do" lists for midsize businesses, but due to lack of time, resources and money, the job either never seems to get done. Even worse, it can sometimes be done without the necessary attention to detail — and that ironically can scare businesses away from fixing problems and beefing up IT recovery efforts, said Mike Dupuy, product marketing at Axcient, a data recovery vendor.

IT Spending Flowing Away From Traditional IT Infrastructure Toward Hyper-convergence

At an MES East 2016 keynote session earlier this week in Indianapolis, Katie Curtin-Mestre, vice president of product and content marketing, discussed the surge in hyper-convergence. The market is growing rapidly, said Curtin-Mestre who cited data from market research firm IDC which shows hyper-convergence up 116 percent.  Curtin-Mestre defined hyper-converged infrastructure as: "A solution that natively collapse core storage, compute and storage networking function into a single software solution or appliance."