Building the Ultimate Team

Robert DeMarzo offers takeaways for Midsize Enterprise Summit attendees from Don Yaeger’s preview of his MES Fall keynote at the recent Xchange conference in Orlando.

Midsize Enterprise Summit: Showcasing the Midmarket's Hottest Technology Suppliers

The Midsize Enterprise Summit (MES) is the Midmarket IT executive event of the year.

It offers IT decision makers exclusive access to more than 80+ top vendors, seasoned Gartner analysts and an elite group of peers. 

Our team is giving you -- our MES newsletter readers -- a sneak peak into the list of hot tehcnology suppliers showacsing their products and services at this spring's event in Nashville. 

The Dynamics Of Customer, Employee Loyalty & How to Build It

Midsize Enterprise Summit keynote speaker and behavioral scientist gives event attendees a lesson on loyalty.

A common challenge for many CIO and senior IT leaders, today, is understanding how to build strong and loyal relationships with customers, employees and partners.

Midmarket CIOs Need To Master Big Data

We are flooded with an almost infinite number of data streams these days. From traditional sources such as registration and consumer purchasing platforms to social media feeds, tweets and Instagram updates, the amount of new data being created and disseminated is almost endless.

HPE: Pricing, Products Built For The Way Your Business Works

“How many of today’s Fortune 500 companies were midsize businesses just a few years ago?” asks HPE Vice President of Enterprise SMB Sales Mike Parrottino.

He and Hewlett Packard Enterprise are taking a vested interest in investing in the up-and-coming disrupters of the present—you.

Financial Management For Midmarket IT Leaders: Understanding Working Capital Management

What could your organization do with an extra million (or more) in cash? You can probably think of a dozen or so answers right off the top of your head. And that’s without taking the time to investigate potential short- or long-term investment opportunities that could open up, if, in fact, you had that extra cash in hand.

CIO Shares His Wisdom As He Pursues Next Chapter

After serving as the IT leader of The Arc Greater Twin Cities organization for nearly two decades, Paul Harder decided to write the next chapter of his career and life. Harder is now CEO of his own consulting firm, KBP Strategies, which focuses on training sales professionals. (He also served as an official with the USA Track & Field organization for many years, and was a longtime member of the Midsize Enterprise Strategies advisory board.) We caught up with Harder to ask him about his career, request advice for fellow CIOs, and discuss how he coped with change.

Leading IT Vendors Make Key Investments In MES, Midmarket

The Midsize Enterprise Summit Spring, which takes place April 30-May 2 in Nashville may be three months away, but we are seeing a tremendous early response from the vendor community to support the conference.

Three Keys To Change Every CIO Can Master

Dealing with change is easier said than done. No one knows that better than Larry Bonfante, a veteran CIO, with 35 years of experience in the IT industry. Bonfante recently posted the following blog on how leaders can cope with change.

The one thing in life that is constant is change. There are times in our lives when we choose change. Other times, change chooses us. In either case, we have to decide how we will deal with change. There are three basic approaches we can take to handling change.

Ten Wishes For Every Midmarket IT Leader

On behalf of the entire Midsize Enterprise Summit team, we would like to wish all our readers a peaceful and joyful holiday season and a happy New Year. Our midmarket web site and newsletter reach today’s IT leaders from midsize enterprises along with IT suppliers and vendors across the high-tech spectrum. You have all been loyal readers supplying perspectives and input on how to make the midmarket a better place to work and to serve as the voice of this sector. Thank you all. We put together 10 wishes or resolutions for the coming year.