What Does 2017 Bode For Artificial Intelligence And Other Cool Market Segments?

It’s always dangerous to make predictions, especially when they involve the future, as one saying goes. However, for midsize enterprise CIOs, it’s crucial to at least look at possible trends that might affect one’s company and career. And besides, if we always knew what was going to happen, it would take all the fun out of the guessing game.

Mexico IT Leader Highlights Ease Of Doing Business Just Over The Border

As director of Mexico IT, Guillermo Gonzalez King’s motto is, “Going far by staying close.” His public-private organization promotes the assets and services of Mexico’s thriving IT sector to United States and Canadian companies (you can read about one collaboration here). For those of you interested in learning about it first hand, Mexico IT is also a sponsor of the Midsize Enterprise Summit. Recently, King took the time to discuss Mexico IT’s successes, its midsized enterprise draw, and how current political rhetoric could affect the long-term cross-border partnerships it fosters.

The CIO Role In Driving Digital Transformation

Digital transformation represents the next stage of business maturity which will optimize how the enterprise works and interacts with its ecosystem, with the customer at the center of its focus, and how the business is always on, because employees can get work done from anywhere, anytime, with the right information to make the right decisions

Expert: Demise Of Midmarket CIO Greatly Exaggerated

Brian Watson is a veteran IT industry observer and expert who has contributed to the Midsized Enterprise Summit events in recent years. Currently, he is Co-Head of CIO Networks at Metis Strategy, a Washington, DC-based management consulting firm that provides strategic advisory services to CIOs and other functional leaders.  As a consultant, author and reporter, he has conducted interviews with many enterprise-level CIOs and midmarket IT leaders. In an email interview, he generously shared some relevant stories and insights, to help midmarket CIOs.

IT Leaders Must Focus On The Race To Keep Pace

CIO, Tammy Barr leads the IT strategy for Continental Mills, a privately held food manufacturer in the Seattle area which produces several well-known products including Krusteaz Baking mixes, Ghirardelli Brownies, Wild Roots Trail mix, Alpine Cider and Kretschmer Wheat germ.  During the 22 years Barr has been with Continental Mills, she has been responsible for the successful implementation of many major systems, including the company’s first ERP application and several large scale manufacturing automation systems.  She has also participated in growing the company from a regional manufacturer servicing the Pacific Northwest to a national company with an international presence and multiple manufacturing sites across the U.S. We caught up with Barr, a member of the Midsize Enterprise Strategies Advisory Board, to discuss the changing role of the CIO and some of the most pressing issues she is facing in her role as CIO.

The Three Drivers of Digital Disruption: Insight From Software AG CTO Mighael Botha

At a recent Technology Innovation & Leadership Summit, Mighael Botha, CTO of Software AG kicked off the event with a presentation called “The Vision of the Digital Enterprise.”  This presentation reviewed the critical issues of matching an organization’s architecture and technology to its challenges.

The CIO As Storyteller: Why Communication Is The Essential Skill

The Midsize Enterprise Summit has announced that acclaimed storyteller and new age media executive Jason Allen Ashlock will deliver the opening keynote at this fall’s Midsize Enterprise Summit. Ashlock’s keynote scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 18, will help CIOs become more effective communicators at this critical industry juncture.

Capicua: When Customer Centric Goes To Next Level For Midsized Companies

Midsize Enterprise Strategies recently caught up with Ismael Larrosa, co-founder of Capicua Design and Development, a software outsourcing and offshoring company based in Uruguay.  The company’s approach is to optimize “the interactions between users and technology” with laser-focused IT solutions.

The Biggest Midmarket IT Trends From MES

The dust has settled on the Midsize Enterprise Summit in Indianapolis, where several hundred CIOs and senior IT leaders gathered to discuss their biggest challenges and the opportunities ahead. For those with midmarket blood coursing through their veins, several themes emerged from the event that will be critical to their future success.

Digital Fortress: Helping Swamped Customers Return to Innovation

While at MES 2016, we were fortunate to talk with two executives from Digital Fortress: Steve Volt, executive vice president of sales and marketing, and Karl Reeves, vice president of operations. They chatted with us about what midsize customers are looking for to help them run their businesses today, and in the future. They also discussed where customers seem to need the most help in meeting the challenges of an increasingly digital world.