Not Just a Buzz Word: Innovate Infrastructure With “Hyperconvergence”

Technology has transformed so quickly that when hyperconvergence was first brought up at the largest gathering of midmarket CIOs and senior IT executives three years ago, very few knew what it was.

Things are massively different today …

Leading IT Vendors Make Key Investments In MES, Midmarket

The Midsize Enterprise Summit Spring, which takes place April 30-May 2 in Nashville may be three months away, but we are seeing a tremendous early response from the vendor community to support the conference.

Midmarket Roundup On HPE's Bid For SimpliVity

For IT leaders at midmarket companies, hyper-convergence is considered a high priority. Vendors that focus on integrating data center technologies have brought their message to the Midsize Enterprise Summit over the past few years, touting the solution’s ability to reduce IT costs, gain efficiency, and cut management time.

Simplivity Leader Maps Out IT Strategy To Simplify The Data Center

The Midsize Enterprise Summit 2016 kicked off in Austin on Sunday with a keynote presentation entitled, ‘Expand Your Possibilities, Not Your Data Center’, by Marty Sanders, Senior Vice President of the Americas for SimpliVity, a company that offers revolutionary and disruptive innovation designed to simplify the data center.