MES if the prefect blend of mid-size industry knowledge, technical solutions and peer engagement.  You leave with the feeling you belonging to a team of IT professionals who share common problems and solutions.  You establish relationships based on common themes and these relationships empower you to make better decisions.

–  Mike Torrente, VP Global Information Technology, Movado Group Inc

Action packed and not a moment wasted, this intense three-day conference allowed me to meet with dozens of high-quality solutions providers from outsourced helpdesk services to data loss prevention product manufacturers. Unquestionably worth your time.

–  Gary Kuyat, Director of Information Technology, Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason

This is the most organized and thought provoking technical conference in the business!  Very fast paced for busy technology officers.

–  Deb Turner, Director of Information Technology, Bluffton University

This summit was the best conference I've been to in a long while.  In less than three days I was able to find information that would have normally taken 6 months of web searching.  The best part was it put me face-to-face with the vendors I wanted to hear from and it wasn't all a sales ploy.

–  Michael Grosse, CTO, Sullivan University System

Testimonials from Attendees New to MES:

This was my first time attending an MES event. Starting off Sunday, I was blown away with the amount of information and the networking opportunities presented to me. The boardrooms were probably my favorite part. I have never been to an event that offered such great networking as well as group feedback on current products and trends. I would highly recommend MES events to anyone that is thinking about going.

–  Dane Holman, IT Director, McGowan & Co.

I was pleasantly surprised by every aspect of this conference: from the leaders and professionals that were brought together, to the presentations and content quality, to the vendors, conversations, atmosphere of innovation, and even the accommodations.  Great job Channel Co!

–  Joshua Berry, Director of Information Technology, Highland Community College

This conference provides a great range of topics and vendors directed at mid-sized companies specifically, and an incredible networking opportunity.

–  Vickie Torregrossa, IS Director, Food for the Poor

At first, I wasn't sure if my company and my situation would translate well to MES. Once I started networking with my peers at the summit, I found many others in almost identical business situations and facing the same issues I deal with - getting proper IT budget, how to efficiently manage a small IT workforce - and exchanging knowledge with them was invaluable.

–  Robert Vinagray, CIO, Burma Bibas, Inc.

Testimonials From MES Alumni:

This is the best event to attend for the year for any IT leader. If you can only attend 1 major event, I highly recommend making the time sacrifice for this event. Initially I felt the length of event was going to make this a tough one to attend but the amount of information, materials, networking, etc. was invaluable and well worth it. Definitely my new favorite and one I hope to be able to attend year after year.  Thanks to the MES team for putting this great event together!   

–  Nick Alexander, Director of IT, Cumming Corporation

MES provides a uniquely valuable opportunity for IT leaders to meet with their peers and key midmarket vendors in an intimate setting. New relationships are forged and existing relationships are strengthened through casual and formal settings. I have learned so much over the years through this conference, that I considerate a requirement to attend at least every other year.

–  William McConville, CIO, Bowman and Brooke

MES provides me with exposure to technology solutions that I would not otherwise have access to or may have considered. I get a chance to validate strategy with my peers while learning about their challenges and approaches.  Having direct access to Gartner industry insights is awesome. One of the best shows I get an opportunity to attend.

–  Brian Celardo, IT Director, Birch Family Services

This was the best use of my time over the course of three days.  I was able to get information about vendors and solutions that could have some impact on my organization without being inundated with too much marketing/sales gimmicks.  I loved being able to network with other IT leaders to hear about technology and processes that worked or failed and share in our common need for IT to help our organizations innovate and grow.

–  Robert James, IT Director, City of Woodbury

This conference is one of the best and most efficient ways to be introduced to many quality vendors that focus on my size organization. In addition, the boardroom format provides a great forum to not only meet the vendors but also hear the feedback and testimonials from other attendees and network with peers that have similar issues and challenges.

–  Tamara Barr, IS VP/CIO  Continental Mills

This is an event I plan on attending once every 18 to 24 months.  This is the only event I use to reach out to vendors and it has been exceptionally helpful.  As other professionals in our role I do not accept "Cold" calls or pursue email solicitations outside of this event.  Great Job MES...

–  Michael Fontes, MIS Director, Blue Beacon International