Keeping IT Healthy Challenging in Healthcare

Leslie CothrenFind out how this North Carolina-based IT director and MES Advisory Board member deals with the unique challenges of working in healthcare, how he spends his IT dollars and how he helps his business open new revenue opportunities.

Security, Cloud, BI Dominate Midmarket Challenges

Mike CisekSecurity-related topics will continue to be a part of the Midsize Enterprise Summit, but learn about a new event that offers a laser-like focus on the subject for security leaders from midmarket companies.

Security, business intelligence and cloud, three of the biggest tech issues defining the midmarket today, were the subject of a recent educational webinar organized by the Midsize Enterprise Summit.

SAS Gives Midsize Enterprises A Business Intelligence Boost Via Self-Service

For many years, the cost and risk of deploying business intelligence/analytics applications meant only the largest enterprise companies could afford them. However, in recent years, major BI platform companies, such as SAS, have crafted analytics solutions packages for midsize enterprises and small and midsize businesses.

SAS: Leverage Innovative Analytics Technology To Achieve More Business Success

When addressing the changing role of the CIO and the midmarket, Keith Collins, executive vice president and chief information officer for SAS, talks about the major impact that big data and disruptive technologies are having today and will continue to have going forward.