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Influence Pioneer Discusses How Midmarket IT Leaders Can Be More Persuasive

The National Center for the Middle Market recently published an interview with author Robert Cialdini on the art and science of persuasion and influence. These skills are certainly important for any executive but of particular use to midmarket CIOs who must work closely with their company business leaders, partners and suppliers. Below is the interview Chuck Leddy conducted with Cialdini. We edited the interview but you can read the entire blog here.

CIO Panel: Lessons Learned From IT Leaders Seeking a Hybrid Solution

At the recent Midsize Enterprise Summit, a panel of leading midmarket CIOs discussed lessons learned from the nexus of business and technology and how they are pivoting to become chief innovation officers.

The panel was moderated by HP Enterprise’s Domingo Cortes, who oversees sales for the west region and was sponsored by HPE and Intel, longtime supporters of MES. HPE and Intel selected customers of theirs who are transforming their roles along with the companies’ IT strategies.

Top Data Security Requirements For The Midmarket

When it comes to IT security, the size of a company does not matter to hackers. Cybersecurity attacks have happened to high profile corporations and government entities just as they have happened to midsize companies. Even IT security firms are not immune to attacks having been hacked in recent years.

SAP’s Youthful CIO Looks Out With Millennial-Tinted Glasses

SAP’s Thomas Saueressig is one of the youngest CIOs of a major company anywhere in the world and brings a millennial viewpoint to his position. In a wide ranging interview with author and IT consultant Peter High, Saueressig discusses tech trends, his role and how IT is enabling business.  

Must-Read Tech Stories For Midmarket IT Leaders: Security, Digital Transformation And IT Spending

Here at Midsize Enterprise Strategies we compiled some interesting stories for our midmarket IT leaders. We are always on the lookout for great content so if you find something interesting please forward the link to rdemarzo@thechannelcompany.com.  Below are excerpts from the stories we curated for you and links to the full articles.

Union Pacific’s CIO Shares His Formula For Success

“If this doesn’t come through, I’m going to be gone.”

 That’s what Union Pacific CIO Lynden Tennison told me a few years ago, describing a massive undertaking he was leading to overhaul the iconic railroad company’s transportation-management system. Based on initial estimates, the project, dubbed NetControl, would cost at least $200 million over the course of a decade or so.

IT Leader Tackles Cloud, M&A Integration And Managing Expectations

mary wyderski,professional servive industriesIT leader Mary Wyderski of Professional Services Industries Inc. recently connected with Midsize Enterprise Strategies to discuss her views on the industry and challenges facing today's IT leaders.

Every Business Has A Monopoly—What Is Yours?

A monopoly is simply an advantage you have for a temporary period of time.  You could be the only grocery store within a 10-mile radius or the only process consultant or the only financial consultant who is an Italian (not in New Jersey) that belongs in the local chamber of commerce. Think of yourself and your business.  There are unique things about you and your business that give you a monopoly. What is your monopoly and how are you taking advantage of it? 

Mimecast Targets Midmarket Security Threats With New Solution

Cyberthreats against corporations are constant and evolving. Even the most security-conscious can leave the tiniest opening that is enough to let the worst criminals gain access. And it just takes one vulnerability to bring a business, and its reputation, down. According to a recent report, Trojans continued to be the main source of malware (51.5%), beating out the venerable crew of viruses (23%), worms (13%), PUPs (11%), and spyware (2%).