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MES CIOs: Peer Networking, Access To Strategic Tech Make Event Worthwhile

Editor’s Note: If you don’t mind, a little boasting, the Midsize Enterprise Summit would like to share some of the feedback we received from the MES Fall conference. The comments below were submitted by fellow IT leaders who provided these responses via our Survey Monkey post-event survey along with emails we received from attendees.

Next-Gen Researcher ETR Captures Tech Trends From CIO Purchase Patterns

If a CIO or IT leader wished they had a crystal ball to peer into the future to see what changes are on the horizon before making a major IT investment, they might want to check out the proprietary data being meticulously collected and analyzed by Enterprise Technology Research.  

Midsize Enterprise Summit Announces XCellence Award Winners: Scale Computing, Sophos Take Best Of Show

AUSTIN, September 20, 2016 -- As the Midsize Enterprise Summit Fall conference wrapped up the event in Austin, hundreds of IT leaders and CIOs cast their ballots to nominate the top-performing technology suppliers and solution providers.

Leadership Advice: Part Ways With Good Performers Who Are Toxic

For IT leaders facing difficult performance issues with employees, Charlies Firlotte, CEO of Aquarion Corp. has some strategic advice. Based on his years of experience dealing with top performers who just do not fit the culture, he warns against the danger of procrastinating.

Union Pacific’s CIO Shares His Formula For Success

“If this doesn’t come through, I’m going to be gone.”

 That’s what Union Pacific CIO Lynden Tennison told me a few years ago, describing a massive undertaking he was leading to overhaul the iconic railroad company’s transportation-management system. Based on initial estimates, the project, dubbed NetControl, would cost at least $200 million over the course of a decade or so.

Every Business Has A Monopoly—What Is Yours?

A monopoly is simply an advantage you have for a temporary period of time.  You could be the only grocery store within a 10-mile radius or the only process consultant or the only financial consultant who is an Italian (not in New Jersey) that belongs in the local chamber of commerce. Think of yourself and your business.  There are unique things about you and your business that give you a monopoly. What is your monopoly and how are you taking advantage of it? 

Leading Vendors Invest In Midmarket, To Engage With CIOs at MES West Conference

The Midsize Enterprise Summit has announced that its fall conference will feature the top IT vendors serving the midmarket along with some of today’s hottest and fastest-growing tech suppliers.

Mimecast Targets Midmarket Security Threats With New Solution

Cyberthreats against corporations are constant and evolving. Even the most security-conscious can leave the tiniest opening that is enough to let the worst criminals gain access. And it just takes one vulnerability to bring a business, and its reputation, down. According to a recent report, Trojans continued to be the main source of malware (51.5%), beating out the venerable crew of viruses (23%), worms (13%), PUPs (11%), and spyware (2%).

A CIO Reflection: Love What You Do And Your People Too

In July of this year, I will have worked for 45 years.  I’ve spent my entire working career focused on technology.  And how technology has changed -from batch processing of cards to real time systems to standalone PC’s to client server to e-commerce to today’s mobile, cloud, big data, and internet of things. 

In those 45 years, cars have changed, houses have changed and the food we eat has changed. Even the way we dress has changed--who wears a suit and tie to work every day like I did in the 70’s, 80’s and the 90’s. Anyone remember casual Friday?