Keeping IT Healthy Challenging in Healthcare

Leslie CothrenFind out how this North Carolina-based IT director and MES Advisory Board member deals with the unique challenges of working in healthcare, how he spends his IT dollars and how he helps his business open new revenue opportunities.

5 Requirements for Successful State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

IT manager blends the carpet with the concrete in plan for new manufacturing plant utilizing a single infrastructure for IT and operations.

Operations and IT must fuse together seamlessly in a new era of Internet of Things (IoT).

CIO Tackles IoT, Mobility and Security with MES Community

IT innovation, preparation proves even more crucial in the public sector, where end-users rely on you for daily needs. 

Internet of Things (IoT), mobility, security threats … are just a few of the trends rapidly driving innovation in the IT world, leaving CIOs and CTOs racing to keep up or be left in the dust.

Midmarket, Enterprises Forge Ahead With IoT Initiatives

451 Research's latest Voice of the Enterprise: Internet of Things (IoT) Organizational Dynamics survey of nearly 1,000 enterprise IT buyers worldwide reveals that 71 percent of enterprises are gathering data for IoT initiatives today. This is a three percentage point increase from the previous quarter's Voice of the Enterprise: IoT Workloads and Key Projects survey.

What Every Midmarket CIO Needs To Know About Emerging Vendors

When it comes to suppliers of technology to midmarket companies, big isn’t necessarily better.

According to a wide-ranging study on the IT purchasing habits of midsize enterprises, small and emerging companies stand just as good a chance of winning the business as do large players such as HP Enterprise, Dell EMC, or Microsoft.

Midmarket CIOs Need An IoT Security Strategy In Wake Of Dyn Attack

IT professional Roger Mitan of BlueBridge Networks shares lessons learned from the Dyn attack where nearly 100,000 IoT devices were hijacked due to unpatched vulnerabilities and default admin credentials existing on these devices. He shares what IT leaders can do to prevent future attacks.