How to Create a Winning B2B Marketing Budget

With the new year upon us, thoughts are turning–if they haven’t already–to the creation of B2B marketing budgets. Fifty-seven percent of marketing leaders surveyed expect their budgets will increase further this year in 2017. Just how much are people expecting to spend on marketing this year and how do you go about creating your own budgets to maximize return on your marketing investments? 

Prepare For The Rise Of Application-Centric IT

In 2017, the cloud industry may well deliver the long-standing promise of agile software development, and the channel looms critical in helping customers adapt to it.

Where Should Solution Providers Place Their Unified Communications Bets?

The UC market is changing and will continue to change as the cloud finds a stable home and customer buying patterns shift from CapEx to OpEx. Through this cloud and software transition, solution providers will be able to find a profitable path through services – it just depends on which of the two paths you want to take. 

3 Tips for producing valuable marketing collateral for sales teams

Providing your sales organization with compelling collateral and helpful solutions should give them the boost needed to increase conversions and keep their sales funnel full.

So, why aren’t they using them?

The Red-Hot Lineup at this Year’s BoB Conference

When you’re hot, you’re hot, as they say … and this year’s Best of Breed Conference sizzles with a very hot lineup of keynote interviews and speakers.

Technology And The Election: How Do Solution Providers Stand To Gain?

Lying beneath all the mud that has been tossed in this year's presidential campaign are a handful of policy proposals of interest to the channel. 

Tom DelVecchio To Share Highlights from Enterprise Technology Research’s July 2H16 Technology Spending Intention Survey at NexGen Cloud Conference

Tom DelVecchio NexGen 2016 speakerThis past July, Enterprise Technology Research (ETR) released its 2H16 Technology Spending Intentions Survey.  Two dominant themes emerged from this survey: 1) cloud’s staggering impact on all of enterprise IT and 2) the overall tepid year for enterprise IT spend in general.

For Security Solution Providers, A Crisis-Borne Opportunity

Cybercrime is rising rapidly, but that creates opportunity for security solution providers.. According to a report by Cybersecurity Ventures, the annual costs of fighting cybercrime will grow from $3 trillion in 2015 to $6 trillion by 2021.

Implementing an effective lead capture strategy

57% of B2B organizations say “converting qualified leads into paying customers” is a top priority, according to Marketing Sherpa. Capturing prospect data is essential for B2B marketers to drive sales and measure return on investment (ROI).

The Magic of Women and Networking

There are thousands of communities and networking events for women popping up everywhere, not only in IT.  Why is it we as women find value in networking?