December 9, 2018 to December 11, 2018
Anaheim, CA

Advisory Board Members

John Alday, CEO, Cima Solutions Group
John Alday
CEO, Cima Solutions Group
Lou Ardolino, Director of Client Services, TBNG Consulting
Lou Ardolino
Director of Client Services, TBNG Consulting
Jamie Begin
Jamie Begin
CEO, RightBrain Networks
Alex Brown
CEO, 10th Magnitude, Inc.
Allen Falcon
Allen Falcon
CEO, Cumulus Global
Sean Ferrel
Sean Ferrel
CEO & Coach, Managed Solution
Amy Gaffney, Director, IT Professional Services, Adaptive Solutions
Amy Gaffney
Director of IT Professional Services , Adaptive Solutions
Michael Jackson, President, Pendello Solutions
Michael Jackson
President, Pendello Solutions
Jeff Kaplan
Jeff Kaplan
Managing Director, THINKStrategies
Jason Lambiris
Jason Lambiris
Chief Executive Officer, Apex Digital Solutions
Chad Paalman, NuWave Technology Partners
Chad Paalman
Co-Founder and Managing Partner, NuWave Technology Partners
Zac Paulson, CEO, True IT and Summit Group Software
Zac Paulson
CEO, TrueIT and Summit Group Software
Nathan Phinney, President, Bright Bear Technology Solutions
Nathan Phinney
President, Bright Bear Technology Solutions
Ryan Trimberger
Ryan Trimberger
Co-Founder and CEO, Stratum Technology Management